Seven LED Watch

  • A Bright Futuristic Watch Design

    Two pulsating rings of light, a cool futuristic design and LEDs curving around your wrist, Seven brings an ultra-modern look to what is essentially a regular watch.

    It may look unconventional, but those two rings point to the hours and minutes just like a normal wrist watch making it easy to read at a glance.

    A Fully Adjustable Strap with a Seamless Clasp

    Available with blue, green, orange, red or white LEDs, each part of Seven has been individually custom designed and manufactured including the case, strap and uniquely programmed LED display.

    The watch has a hard plastic case which is curved to fit over your wrist. The strap section is polyurethane with a seamless butterfly clasp at the back. To adjust the strap simply cut the polyurethane strap down to size to fit your wrist perfectly. This means it is suitable for both small and large wrists.

    3 Different LED Light Up Modes

    Seven lights up for 10 seconds when you press the button to reveal the time. There is a subtle pulsing effect as the light gets brighter and then fades out. There are also three user selectable light up options to choose from: 1) Continuous: the watch pulses the time constantly. 2) Every 30 seconds: the watch lights up to show the time and fades out every 30 seconds. 3) Every 5 minutes: the watch lights up to show the time and fades out once every 5 minutes. Or, you can turn the automatic light up feature off completely.

    A USB Rechargeable Watch Design

    Seven connects to your computer to charge via USB cable. A full charge takes about 3 hours and should last about a month on standard mode. The battery can be recharged more than 300 times. If you set the continuous light-up mode the battery will drain more quickly but it's a great mode to have active when going out to a bar or club. You can of course top up the battery the following day.

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How To Read The Time

What Our Customers Say

  • "Just got my Seven watch from Tokyoflash Japan. And I love it!!! Beautiful design. Very well thought out and made. I highly recommend buying watches from you guys! So worth the money. And delivery came within three days!"

    Steven Ramos‎, Springfield, USA

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    Oliver Haag‎, Saarlouis, Germany

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    Cameron Reese, Arlington, USA

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    Jerrold Goozh, Schaumburg, USA

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    Matthew Pivalizza, Austin, USA

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