We love serving our customers. We want to bring satisfaction and pleasure to each and every customer through our creative watch designs and excellent customer service. We often receive positive feedback from customers who own watches from Tokyoflash Japan and who have enjoyed their shopping experience with us. We are grateful for the kind and thoughtful feedback we receive. Below are some of the testimonials we have received.

Featured Testimonials

"I am a fanatic of these watches because the concept they use to display the time is amazing and unique." —R.M.R, Ecatepec, Mexico

"I bought a 1000100101 LED watch with a unique design and beautiful appearance, and I really like it. Kritz provided great customer service and support; she was patient and helpful. It was a wonderful experience buying this watch from Tokyoflash!" —Young M., Nanjing, China

"When my friends started getting into watches, I felt the need to choose something that stood out and went against the grain. That's when I knew Tokyoflash would excel in meeting those needs. The Retsu LED watch immediately caught my eye with its beautiful design and solid feel. I absolutely love wearing it. People take notice and ask questions about it, and I enjoy talking about it. I look forward to picking up more Tokyoflash watches in the future!" —Gian-Luca S., Ontario, Canada

"I have purchased a number of watches from Tokyoflash Japan over the years, and each has been brilliant in its own right. They are innovative and forward thinking timepieces. I can guarantee that if I want to have the most unique watch in a room, I can wear any of my Tokyoflash watches. The aftercare service is fantastic, with a great service team. Keep up the good work team. You have my business and loyalty." —Simon Greavett, QLD, Australia

"I have two Pimp P2 LR LED watches and I love them. People are always asking how to read the time. Had them for more than 15 years and they are working just fine. Great watches and great service!" —Boo Einefors, Karlskoga, Sweden

"I absolutely love my Stencil LCD watch. It still looks great, still starts conversations with people asking for explanations on how to read it and it still makes me smile after 10 years." —Martyn Pipe, Launceston, UK

"I purchased 2 watches from Tokyoflash Japan around 10 years ago. They are great watches and are still working perfectly. I have contacted Tokyoflash a few times for enquiries. The response has been very fast and also helpful. I would recommend Tokyoflash to anyone." —H.B, United Kingdom

"Beautiful, unique watches and a responsive, helpful customer service team! They are quick to address any issues. The watches are great gifts for anyone who likes to collect unique timepieces, and the variety of colors makes them fashionable as well. I highly recommend checking them out if you're looking for the perfect, unique gift for someone!" —Christian C., Columbia, USA

"I bought my first Tokyoflash Japan watch in 2008 and I'm totally satisfied after all this time. When I accidentally broke the glass of my Rogue, the customer service has been very efficient and particularly kind. I'm proud of my watches (Rogue and Vortex)." —Guillaume T., France

"I contacted Tokyoflash Japan looking for a replacement charger for a watch that is now over 12 years old. I was worried I would not be able to get one, however, not only did they come back immediately to say they had one, they raised the order and had it shipped out to me within a day and at a very reasonable token price. They were polite and professional so much so that I have now purchased a further watch from them. I wish all companies were this customer-focused." —Eleanor Sayers, Ashford, United Kingdom

"The 1000100101 is a fun and fascinating watch. It doesn’t take long to get used to the unique display, and the retro-futuristic design is understated yet eye-catching. The only thing better is the customer service from Tokyoflash Japan, which was outstanding." —Jesse S., Canada

"You make amazing, very original and unique watches. Some of the best watches in the world! Thank you for the X Acetate LED watch and excellent caring support. I hope that you make many extraordinary and interesting new models of watches." —Emil Arslanov, Moscow, Russia

"I've had my Neutron watch for almost 8 years now and simply love its uniqueness. The build quality is top notch. Tokyoflash watches are definitely an eye turner! Many thanks for your work to create these amazing watches!" —Miika Ruuhonen, Lahti, Finland

"Tokyoflash offers amazing customer service and great communication. Judy helped me buy a new Nixie Tube watch and offered exceptional service in repairing a Neutron watch previously purchased, done with ease and efficiency. 10 out 10 for the watches and the aftercare." —James Quigley, Holmfirth, UK

"For over 5 years I been purchasing very unique watches from Tokyoflash Japan and have never been disappointed. When I had a small issue with one of my watch, I mail it back to them and they fix it right away and it was back on my wrist in a short period of time. The prices are worth the watches and the shipping is first class. You would be proud to own a Tokyoflash Japan watch. If you love unique watches, Tokyoflash is the watch for you." —Norman Leduc, Ontario, Canada

"I want to thank you for your excellent service and the high quality of your products. They have made one of my children very happy. Your watches are incredibly creative, unique, and highly original. Please continue to be as creative as you are now!" —Rosa Garnica, CDMX, Mexico

"We were introduced to Tokyoflash Japan a few years ago and absolutely fell in love with their watches! They are so unique and unlike anything we've seen. We've purchased 5 watches over the years (C Version, Radar, Maze, 3D Unlimited & Logo Wood) and definitely plan to buy more! Shipping is fast and customer service is top-notch!" —K. Mayer, Wisconsin, USA

"I have bought many Tokyoflash watches, adding some creative and innovative designs to my collection. Always a talking point when I wear them. I love the unusual, which Tokyoflash do so well and with fantastic customer service too!" —Richard Smith, Suffolk, UK

"My wife gave me the Rorschach watch, because looking at the website it seemed spectacular. By using it I have found that it is even more beautiful and special, great quality, and attracts a lot of attention." —Antonio Valenzuela, Malaga, Spain

"I bought the X Acetate LED watch from Tokyoflash. Dispatch and delivery were very fast. I am very happy with the watch! This is an alien watch. My friends said so. The support is responsive and helpful. 100% this is the best support I've seen. Tokyoflash you are the best!" —Alexander Denysov, Kiev, Ukraine

"Tokyoflash is the number one place to go for the most original and crazy LED/LCD watches! Bang for the buck is impeccable! Even after nearly a decade, these pieces work flawlessly. I love'em!" —Jules Wild, Rümlang, Switzerland

"I have bought 2 Tokyoflash watches over the last year (the Blade LED watch and the Rorschach ePaper watch). I can emphasize 3 words: uniqueness, passion, jewel. When someone asks me about my watch, I answer: “Go with a unique watch and enjoy the time with a Tokyoflash watch!". —R.K., Pardubice, Czech Republic

"You don't have to say much about the extraordinary watches, but you should say something about the equally extraordinary service. I was looking for a certain model and the service of Tokyoflash has really set heaven and earth in motion. Unfortunately without success, but for that, I bought two other models." —Eckard R, Lüdinghausen, Germany

"I am extremely happy with the quality of the 3 watches I have purchased to date. I have the Seven, Console and Rogue Touch watches. After 5 years they are all still working well and are a great conversation starter. Thanks, Tokyoflash!" —Kristopher Lambert, Mackay, Australia

"Gotta love the guys hard at work at Tokyoflash. They make high quality watches at really good prices and styles no one else has! Delivery showed up one day early for me. And they have great customer support!" —Stanley Oleyte, Hawaii, USA

"I have bought 3 watches from Tokyoflash Japan: Waku, Tenmetsu and F-Turbo. Love the design of your watches and the quality. And you have great service. I wish you more customers. In the future I will become a customer again, I'm sure!" —Tatiana Bezditna, Kiev, Ukraine

"I received the Nixie Tube watch today and all I can say is WOW!!!!!!! STUNNING!!!!!! Thank you and please pass on my love for this watch to the maker. I love all my Tokyoflash watches and the customer service is excellent from you guys." —Kelly Edwards, Scarborough, UK

"I bought a watch several years ago from the Tokyoflash Japan website and absolutely loved it. The quality was amazing and it looked really good. So many people would frequently ask me where I got it from—always sparking conversation at awkward dinner parties! Unfortunately, my watch was lost after a few years of wearing it, but the tokyoflash team helped me to replace it even though they no longer stocked the model. I was so thrilled as it's one of my favourite possessions. Fantastic customer service and fantastic products - thank you!" —Emmeline Hartley, Derby, UK

"I ordered the Blade Carbon Fiber watch because it's beautiful, and because of the sources that influenced its design. I absolutely love it, and besides the amazing watch, Tokyoflash isn't just "another company”. They are real people who are friendly and kind, and make internet shopping and correspondence fun!" —Chandrinator, Christiansburg, USA

"I’m a big fan of Tokyoflash Japan. The work you do is insane! At the moment I own a total of seven Tokyoflash watches. Delivery of my last watch took just 6 days. Your customer service always exceeds my expectations, even for the high standards of Japan!" —Oliver Haag‎, Saarlouis, Germany

"I got the Katana watch from Tokyoflash Japan. It fits well, the strap looks clean, and the blue face looks really nice at an angle. Every part of watch is great!" —Matthew Pivalizza, Austin, USA

"Over the past 12 years I have purchased 10 watches from Tokyoflash. I usually rotate through these for wearing. Whenever I've had a problem, Tokyoflash has been quick to respond, and always been able to help resolve the issue." —Jerrold Goozh, Schaumburg, USA

"Just got my Seven watch from Tokyoflash Japan. And I love it!!! Beautiful design. Very well thought out and made. I highly recommend buying watches from you guys! So worth the money. And delivery came within three days!" —Steven Ramos‎, Springfield, USA

"The Traffic watch I bought from Tokyoflash Japan is my favorite watch in my collection. I’ve had it for probably 8 years and it still gets compliments to this day!!" —Cameron Reese, Arlington, USA