Morse 2 LCD Watch

  • Morse Code Inspired Watch Design

    First used in around 1844, Morse code is a system that uses standardized sequences of two different signal durations, called dots and dashes, for the long-distance transmission of messages.

    Learn To Tell The Time In Morse Code

    Inspired by Morse code, the Morse 2 LCD watch displays the time, date, alarm time and a custom name or message at the top of the display. The same information is shown in the center of the display in Morse code.

    The current mode is shown centrally at the bottom of the display. Press button C to cycle through the display modes. Press button A to see the vivid green LED backlight flash to show the time, date, alarm time or custom name or message in Morse code. Press button B to hear the time, date, alarm time or custom name or message in Morse code beeps.

    A Unique Watch Design With An Industrial Look

    Available in black or silver with a beautiful spin brushed finish and detailed with a polished chamfer and polished buttons, the Morse 2 LCD watch has been designed from the ground up to be a unique and interactive watch design.

    The Morse 2 watch has a mineral crystal lens. An adjustable genuine leather strap designed to fit small and large wrists completes the look.

    Creative Design For Curious Minds

    The limited edition Morse 2 LCD watch is guaranteed to be a creative and 'one of a kind' timepiece that you will treasure for a lifetime.

    Custom Designed Packaging

    This watch comes in an exclusive gift box. It features graphics of iconic watches from Tokyoflash Japan past and present on a red background.

    Custom Name Or Message Option

    A custom name or message with a maximum of 12 characters (not including spaces) can be permanently programmed into the module of this watch. Decide on your name or message using the alphabet table on this page and let us know in the shopping cart comments when placing your order. The name or message will be programmed into the module by our engineer to create a 'one of a kind' watch. If you do not want a name or message, the "MORSE 2" name will be used.

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How To Read The Time

What Our Customers Say

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