On Air Acetate LCD Watch

  • A Minimal Watch Design With A Unique Time Display

    Minimal design with an intuitive time display, On Air Acetate is a creative yet subtle timepiece unlike any other.

    Features include an 'always on' LCD display with LED backlighting, touch screen controls, time, date, alarm and animation.

    A Simple And Attractive Way To View Time

    The time display is minimal and intuitive and the time can be read at a glance.

    The digital numbers on the screen are the hour hand and point to the hour in the same was as the hand on a clock. The digits on the screen indicate the minutes.

    Reading the time is as easy as reading a conventional clock—once you understand how. See the examples below to learn more.

    A Watch Design With Touch Screen Controls

    On Air Acetate has a touch screen display with four hot-zones (top, bottom, left, right). Swipe to unlock and touch to change mode; time, date, alarm, light up. Hold to enter setting mode where you can set the time, date, alarm and animation.

    It's intuitive, simple and fun to operate. See the video on this page to see the touch screen in action.

    A Light, Comfortable Watch Made of Acetate

    Acetate is a special material used in the production of high end sunglasses and other fashion accessories.

    Manufactured in the same way as stainless steel, each part of this watch design, including each link that makes up the strap has been carefully hand cut, machined and individually polished before assembly.

    A strong material with a deep gloss that can be cleaned easily, acetate has a silky finish, similar to ceramic or lacquerware and is light and comfortable to wear, making it ideal for wrist watches.

    Limited Edition Watch Design

    Like all watches from Tokyoflash Japan, On Air Acetate is a limited edition design which means it is guaranteed to be an original watch that not many other people own.

    Custom Designed Japanese Packaging

    This watch comes in an exclusive gift box, designed and made in Japan. It features graphics of iconic watches from Tokyoflash Japan past and present on a red background.

View The Video
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How To Read The Time

What Our Customers Say

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    Kelly Edwards, Scarborough, UK

  • "I've had my Neutron watch for almost 8 years now and simply love its uniqueness. The build quality is top notch. Tokyoflash watches are definitely an eye turner! Many thanks for your work to create these amazing watches!"

    Miika Ruuhonen, Lahti, Finland

  • "I got the Katana watch from Tokyoflash Japan. It fits well, the strap looks clean, and the blue face looks really nice at an angle. Every part of watch is great!"

    Matthew Pivalizza, Austin, USA

  • "I am extremely happy with the quality of the 3 watches I have purchased to date. I have the Seven, Console and Rogue Touch watches. After 5 years they are all still working well and are a great conversation starter. Thanks, Tokyoflash!"

    Kristopher Lambert, Mackay, Australia

  • "My wife gave me the Rorschach watch, because looking at the website it seemed spectacular. By using it I have found that it is even more beautiful and special, great quality, and attracts a lot of attention."

    Antonio Valenzuela, Malaga, Spain

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    James Quigley, Holmfirth, UK